Impressionaless Dentistry (3D Intraoral Scanning)

Now with the improvement of technology there’s no more impressions by using a paste. Now with modern dentistry we can scan the prepared teeth to take the impression and say goodbye to the discomfort that the patient faces while using the pastes! Digital impressions enable dentists to send the virtual impression to the laboratory via email rather than sending a traditional impression or stone model through regular mail. This increases accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

Its Benefits:

  • Captures clear and highly accurate impressions
  • Improved image and impression quality
  • Easier and more comfortable procedure
  • Can be stored electronically indefinitely
  • Higher clinical success rate
  • Better patient experience

Digital Smile Design

We strive towards perfection, and that is why our cases are based on the Digital Smile Design concept. DSD is the concept that allows us to plan dental rehabilitation thoroughly and enable the patient to see his new smile.

What is DSD?

  • Digital Smile Design is a modern procedure of planning complete dental rehabilitation which enables detail planning for a therapist, and realistic insight into what is to be achieved with the construction of prosthesis work for a patient.
  • It is a digital design of a smile which allows us to make a provisionary representation of a new smile in the patient’s mouth.

How DSD Improves the Esthetic Dentistry Procedure?

  • Digital Smile Design enables us to know the result before we even start with any procedures.
  • Because Digital Smile Design allows us to see the outcome before we start the procedure, we can communicate and individualize it with our patient
  • Digital Smile Design enables us to achieve a much simpler and controlled result which brings pleasure to the patient and to us as well.

Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic dentistry involves the use of state-of-the-art microscopes to provide close-up images of the patient’s dental structures.

They’re strong enough to magnify the gums, teeth, and oral tissue up to 20 times what the naked eye can see on its own! This revolutionary form of dentistry is exceptionally successful when trying to detect very minor dental imperfections or hairline fractures at the earliest stages possible. The result is more conservative treatment!

If you’re in need of root canal therapy or a tooth-colored filling, in Mounir dental clinic we do microscopic dentistry which will elevate not only the quality of your treatment process but also your results as well! .

Diagnostic Intraoral Camera

Soprolife is a new generation of inta-oral imaging devices using fluorescence. The technology enables you to see what the eye or x-rays may miss.

To the patient this means that very early stage occlusal or interproximal decay is detectable. To the dentist this means they can detect the different stages of tooth decay and plan the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

While diagnosing, the variance of auto fluorescence generates more accuracy in identifying and determining the location of decay. The images produced aid treatment by clearly showing the differentiation between healthy and diseased tissue.

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